Deleting Data From Your Site

Unfortunately, because of the complex way events and properties are tied to people, there is not currently a way to simply edit, delete, or purge data for specific events or properties.

There are three options you might consider:

  1. Hiding the cluttered event or property, and passing incorrect data under a new name going forward.


You might want to consider this option if the bad data is contained within certain event and/or property and you're okay with losing or splitting off the historical data. Going forward all you care about is the new data for that event and/or property.

  1. Extracting the data, removing the clutter, and re-importing the data under a new name.


You might want to consider this option if the bad data is contained within certain event and/or property, you don't want to lose the historical data, and you're okay with doing a little work to save it.

  1. Creating a new site to start fresh.


You might want to consider this option if the bad data is contained within people’s records for a specific group of people, not specific event or property, or correcting aliasing, or when things are so bad that your account doesn't work anymore (too many property names), or when you just want a fresh start with totally clean data.

Hiding Unwanted Events or Properties

In your Event Manager, you will see a section for Tracked Events, and Tracked Properties. Clicking on either will show you to a list of all the events and properties that have registered on your site. Simply toggle the switch next to the event or property name to hide that event or property from relevant drop-down lists in reports.


Hidden events and properties continue tracking, and hidden events continue counting toward total event count.

Stop Passing Data

To finish cleaning up, remember to stop passing us the event data. Hiding the events and properties only makes them invisible for reporting purposes, but it’s still possible to continue sending data for those events unless you stop it.

  1. For Events Created via API: remove from your site the API calls or code that is generating the events

  2. For Events Created by You (under Tracking Rules): select the rule that is generating the event, and then click on the “Delete” button at the bottom of that box.

Correcting Data and Reimporting It

We have a Raw Data Export tool that lets you export every event and property you pass us. You can use this to:

  • Export the data.

  • Remove the entries you no longer want.

  • Rename the events/properties you wish to re-import.

  • Complete the re-importing process with our JSON import integration.

In the most dramatic case, you could use this procedure to transfer data from this site into a fresh site.

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