Campaigns is an engagement messaging application that allows you to create email messages to be delivered to people based on their behaviors and interactions with your product or website.

Each Campaign in Sandstorm contains two things:

  • A collection of Messages: You can have an unlimited number of Messages (emails) in each campaign.

  • A Goal: With each Campaign, you can set a behavioral goal that you hope your Message program to achieve. As you ship the messages in your Campaign, Sandstorm will track them against your goal and calculate a conversion rate between your messages and your goal.

How To Create a Campaign in Sandstorm

To create a Campaign, simply click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button on the All Campaigns page in Sandstorm . Once you create your Campaign, you will have the option of creating Messages and/or Goals for your Campaign.

Setting Campaign Goals

Campaign Goals allow you to measure the effectiveness of your Messages against a desired result or behavior. For example, a series of onboarding emails may have a goal of getting new users to login; or completing their profile; or creating an initial project. By setting a Campaign Goal, you can measure each message in a Campaign against that goal.

To set a Campaign Goal, simply click on the ‘ad campaign goal’ link next to the name of your Campaign on the Campaign page.

From there, your can set the conditions for your goal.

Calculating Goal Conversion

When you set a Goal, Sandstorm calculates the conversion rate between a customer receiving that message and taking the action specified in your Goal.

For example, if you have 1,000 customers who received one of your emails and 100 met your goal of “uploading file” after receiving the email, then that Message and your Campaign will have a goal conversion rate of 10%.

This goal conversion rate is calculated against your entire Campaign as well as against each individual message. This allows you to understand how your Campaign is performing as well as determining which message is performing the best.

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