Troubleshooting Sandstorm Live

Live Does Not Show Data

Live is a feed of events that happen from the moment your browser connects to Live, going forward. This implies a few things:

  • Are the events you expect triggering?

    Having the JavaScript Library installed will automatically give you a few events, mostly describing behavior of people entering your site. If you want to track activity of what people are doing on your site, you’ll need to tell us what activities are important to be tracked.


Our code should be installed on the pages you are tracking. Then, you can use our Event Library to start adding tracking to events you’re interested in.

Note that our JavaScript can capture activity from your visitors who use any JavaScript-enabled browser.

We design the Sandstorm interface to work best in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not directly supported but can work better with Compatibility Mode enabled.

  • Events done in the past are not displayed.

Live does not show you what happened before you opened the tab. If you started browsing your site before opening the tab, you will have triggered Visited Site in the recent past, so Visited Site event will not appear in Live.

Try triggering events after your browser has connected to Live. Alternatively, try browsing your site in a different browser, or in a private browsing window.

  • Are the events you want to see hidden?

In the Event Library, you can hide events so that they do not clutter your event menus in reports. If you are expecting certain events to appear, check that they are not hidden in the Event Library. Alternatively, you can do the same in this lists of all events - toggle the on/off switch at the top to show hidden events.

  • Are you requesting the same events over and over?

We’ve designed Live to be used as a debugging tool, rather than to reconcile every piece of incoming data. If you are triggering the same event several times in a row, consider [examining your network traffic] as a method of testing.

This doesn’t apply to through our official libraries. But if you are manually creating the tracking URLs, Live will not show repeat requests on these URLs because they “appear” to be duplicates. Don’t worry; after we’ve processed these events, we’ll have recorded the actual frequency of the events occurring.

  • Your Event Library changes may not have updated yet.

It takes a few minutes for changes in the Event Library to update your Sandstorm JavaScript file with new events.

I saw my data in Live, but not in any of my other reports

Within 2-6 hours from the moment an event is triggered, this data will be available in the rest of our reports - funnels, cohort reports, people search, revenue report, and metrics. It’s a good sign if your events came through Live. You can see how up-to-date your data is by referring to the right sidebar of your settings page.

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