Scheduling Report Exports

Our export scheduler allows you to regularly receive an exported report directly to your email. You can specify whether you'd like to receive the report daily, weekly, or monthly.

Step 1: Open a report

Open the report you’d like to schedule or create a report from scratch. You can schedule a Funnel Report, People Search, Cohort Report, or Revenue Report.

Step 2: Run your report

Run your report and ensure that the content of the report is what you want.

Step 3: Save your report

Save your report.

Step 4: Schedule your report

On the lower-left section of your report, next to the Export button, you will see a new button called Schedule. Click Schedule.

Step 5: Specify Recipients

In the To field, enter comma-separated email addresses.

Step 6: Create the Subject

Enter a Subject for your scheduled export email. The subject will default to your report name.

Step 7: Select the Frequency

Select the Frequency you would like to schedule the report to run. You can choose from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Step 8: Select the Date Range

Select the Date Range for the report data you will receive in the email.

For example, you could receive a daily email containing the last 7 days of data or monthly email containing the last 30 days of data.

Step 9: Schedule

Click Schedule to confirm scheduling your report.


In this section, we're going to discuss some frequently asked questions on scheduling report exports.

When will I receive the scheduled report emails?

We will run and deliver reports at 4AM in the timezone of your product. The 4AM delivery time and your report’s data will reflect the timezone selected in the Product Settings page.

For example, if the timezone of your product is set to Pacific Standard Time, and you schedule a report to run every week on Wednesday, then the report runs every week at 4AM Pacific Standard Time.

How many reports can I schedule to export?

You can schedule an unlimited number of scheduled reports.

Scheduling reports is useful for maintaining different versions of the same report that deliver different date ranges.

For example, you could have 3 scheduled exports for the same Funnel Report. One gets emailed weekly on Mondays for the last 7 days of data, another gets emailed monthly at the end of the month for the last 30 days of data, and the last one gets emailed monthly at the end of the month for the last 90 days of data.

How many people can receive a scheduled export?

Up to 10 emails can be subscribed to a scheduled report export.

Need to have more people getting a scheduled report? Email to let us know.

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