Detecting Duplicates

Duplicate Data

Any time Sandstorm detects duplicate data, it will only process a single instance of the data while ignoring the duplicate data


For the Sandstorm instance to be considered a duplicate the following parameters should exactly match (please check our API Specifications):

  1. Identity: (_p parameter)

  2. Name of the event: (_n parameter)

  3. Timestamp of the event: (_t parameter)

  4. Name of the property: ([property name] parameter)

  5. Name of the property value: ([property value] parameter)

In other words, if we see the same person doing the same event at the exact same time with the same property name/s that have the exact same property values, then we ignore any duplicates and count one instance only.

📘Additional Notes

  • the duplicates do not reach our data structures, so they will not be included in the Raw Data Export.

  • since the duplicate data does not get stored in our data structures, it will not appear in any reporting tools.

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