Team Permissions

You may have created the Sandstorm account initially, but you can provide your team access to Sandstorm data. Suppose you are the front-end designer responsible for implementing Sandstorm, but you would like to provide access to reports for the Product Managers, Back-end Designer, CEO, CTO, and so on. Start by inviting them to see your site’s data via

This article will explain the different levels of permissions you can give your team.

View Only

  • View metrics

  • View reports. You can make dynamic changes to a report, but they will not be saved.

  • Access to People search.

  • All reports (funnel, cohort, people) are exportable to .csv

  • Access to using Live

  • Access to viewing your API key and the JS snippet

View and Edit

All View Only permissions, plus:

  • Create and edit metrics

  • Create and edit reports

  • Access to using Event Library to create events

  • Access to editing the site’s name and properties’ and events’ names

  • Ability to delete site


A site can have one or more owners. All View Only and View and Edit permissions plus:

  • Ability to add new sites

  • Ability to add team members or modify their permissions

  • Ability to change account name and the point of contact’s name/phone number

  • Access to modify Billing Information

  • Receives all account-related emails, including Billing/Payment/Invoice related emails

Campaign Delivery

A user who has Campaign Delivery enabled can:

  • Send Campaigns Emails

If a user does not also have Edit access, they will not be able to create/ edit/ update a campaigns message or be able to send a message, even with the Campaign Delivery flag enabled.

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