Campaigns Deliverability tips

List Hygiene

We recommend you only send to people who expect to receive an email from you, either through signing up for your product, or by opting in to your emails in some way. Periodically you should clean out your email lists of invalid emails, persons who have unsubscribed, or other addresses you are unable to reach. You should also confirm that your recipients still want to receive email from you after a prolonged period of emailing.

Frequency of Emails

It is recommended to gradually increase the volume of your sends over the course of your first few months with Campaigns. Large unexpected spikes of sends can be seen as abusive behavior by some email clients.


Email clients will typically use spam filtering to gauge if the email you are sending will make it to the recipients inbox.

👍Some tips

  • We recommend a 50/50 ratio of images to text (about 1 paragraph for every image in your email)

  • Ensure all of your links are working and valid

  • Filters may be triggered by certain words and phrases in your email subject line and body.

SPF Records

Adding ‘’ to your SPF record

In order to ensure that your emails will make it to your recipients inbox, we recommend you add the Sandstorm Domain to your SPF record. Emails from Campaigns are sent ‘on behalf of Sandstorm’ / ‘via Sandstorm’ so the email address you send your emails from will need to be connected with the Sandstorm Campaigns domain in your DNS settings.

Add the ‘’ domain to your SPF TXT record

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